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Memory Support Guides

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This document was developed as part of a Sector Support and Development initiative which brought together Dementia peak bodies, and Commonwealth Home Support Programme funded services working with people living with dementia across the Grampians region. This group known as Dementia Provision Forum identified a need to update resources and provide a comprehensive document of services available.

‘Grey Matters’ that was produced in November 2012 was a project that was funded by the Department of Health and Human Services.  With the Transition to My Aged Care in 2016, Grey Matters was a valuable source of consumer information but did not reflect the many changes in the Service system and the impact on assessment and referral pathways.  It was decided to cooperate to produce an updated version, known as The Memory Support Guide.

Specific regional information was provided by Wimmera Primary Care Partnership, Central Highlands Primary Care Partnership and Grampians Pyrenees Primary Care Partnership.

Wimmera Primary Partnership has edited and produced the new documentation in digital form and will be made accessible in PDF format on the three Primary Care Partnership (PCP) websites – http://www.wimmerapcp.org.au  http://www.chpcp.org/ and http://www.grampianspyreneespcp.org.au/

Further contributions to the development of this guide were made by the members of the Grampians Regional Dementia Provision Forum participants and Central Highlands Primary Care Partnership.  Special thanks go to Dementia Australia for their assistance and access to resources and information throughout the development of this document.