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As part of broader changes to aged care that will offer frail, older people and their carers more choice, easier access and better care, the Australian Government launched the Commonwealth Home Support Programme on 1 July 2015.  Australian Government Department of Health website (updates 27th January 2016).


The Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) is one of the changes being made by the Australian Government to the aged care system to help older people stay independent and in their homes and communities for longer.


The CHSP is one consolidated programme that provides entry-level home support for older people who need assistance to keep living independently at home and in their community. Carers of these clients will also benefit from services provided through the CHSP. CHSP funding will be around $1.6 billion in 2015–16, which will continue to grow over the coming years, resulting in more services for more people. Australian Government Department of Health website (updated 9th August 2016).


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Useful Documents/Fact Sheets and Websites:  please note the most recent information is directly below this line.

red button 30x17National Disability Insurance Scheme

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Grampians Region ACAS Support Plan Review – process

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Grampians ACAS Support Plan Review

red button 30x17Victorian Home and Community Care program manual, 2013  and the   Home and Community Care in Victoria web page

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Commonwealth Home Support Programme, Programme Manual 2017

National Screening and Assessment Form, June 2015  red button 30x17

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MyAgedCare-brochure-general – yes it is PDF, there is no word version but you can type into the red text box on the last page and then ‘save as’

red button 30x17CHSP – Chart of Service Types

red button 30x17My Aged Care – Guidance for Providers, June 2015

red button 30x17My Aged Care Portal User Guide    Part One:  Administrator Functions, June 2015

red button 30x17My Aged Care Provider Portal User Guide    Part Two:  Team Leader and Staff Member Functions, June 2015

red button 30x17My Aged Care – AUSkey Questions and Answers

red button 30x17Australian Business Register – information on how to register for AUSkey and help section

red button 30x17Department of Social Services – Ageing and Aged Care, Information for Service Providers

red button 30x17Regional Assessment Services – Readiness checklist for the My Aged Care RAS

red button 30x17Readiness checklist for service providers, June 2015

red button 30x17Victorian Assessment Forums, April 16

red button 30x17Victorian Healthcare Association, Victorian HACC Service Providers, Transition to the Commonwealth Home Support Program, (CHSP) & My Aged Care, April 2016

red button 30x17How to use the My Aged Care Client Portal, July 2015

red button 30x17How to action referrals created automatically from the health professional webform

red button 30x17Hospital fact sheet – June 2016 update – Referring patients to aged care services

red button 30x17My Aged Care Hospital Fax Referral Form

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General Practitioner fact sheet, June 2016 update – Referring patients to aged care servcies

red button 30x17Community Health Professionals, fact sheet, June 2016 – referring clients to aged care services


Robyn Salt

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Sector Support and Development Team

Commonwealth Home Support Programme and Home and Community Care Program for Younger People

Phone: 5338 9134     Email: RobynS@bchc.org.au

This website acknowledges the collaborative relationship between the three Primary Care Partnerships and will provide a range of useful links to CHSP and HACC PYP along with showcasing regional activities and shared tools and strategies developed by the Grampians Region service providers.

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